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Salon Management

Say goodbye to busy work, and get back to what you love 

  • Payroll Managment
  • Bonuses & Commission
  • Employee Schedules
  • Backbar Products
  • Inventory Mangement
Manage Payroll and Commissions


No More Scheduling Nightmares

Set up employee schedules in minutes  so that you can track vacation, sick, and personal days off. You’ll never need to guess which employees are available when scheduling a customer appointment again! Plus, you can copy and paste schedules and set them up to recur, making schedule management a breeze.

Manage Employee Schedules

Effortlessly Track Your Product Usage

Keeping track of the costs of providing services and how it affects your bottom line may seem like a daunting task, makes it easy! Track product backbar usage automatically, apply backbar cost to services, and even adjust the commission on services based on backbar costs.
Manage Product Ordering



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