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Main Characteristics

  • Combinable with other devices such as turnstiles and sensor gates in order to provide the installation the access adapted to special needs (people with reduced mobility or small goods).
  • Transparency and sophistication.
  • High comfort level for the user.
  • Wide range of stainless steel and glass panel versions.
  • Adaptable to any architectonic project.
  • Wide range of accessories. 




  • Access to public and corporate buildings.
  • Zone separation in hotels (gyms, spas).
  • Zone separation in industrial buildings or offices


Technical Characteristics

  • Possible integration to any validation or identification system.
  • Glass panels or stainless steel wings.
  • Stainless steel frame finishing.
  • Motor unlocking that allows evacuation.
  • Opening angle adjustable from 0° to 270° (in some models only).
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