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Driver’s licenses have become the de facto universal identification credential in many countries throughout the world, often combining authorized driving privileges with authentication for purchasing goods and services, accessing government services, collecting benefits and passing secure checkpoints. Their identification flexibility has significantly increased the urgency for governments to ensure the accuracy, security, and integrity of personal license and driving records.

The organization and administration of driver’s license programs by governments without modern provisioning and tracking systems that can quickly and accurately detect duplicates and fraud opens the door for criminals to obtain illegal documents and commit crimes. Modern driver’s license and tag administration programs must incorporate stronger identification and administration protocols to better distinguish individuality and prevent others from obtaining false credentials for illegal purposes.

DriverTrack™ is an innovative, cloud-based solution with strong identity management and data management capabilities for administration of secure and trusted driver’s license programs. DriverTrack™ is a turnkey, customizable system that can easily capture, store, process, and de-duplicate millions of driver license applications and photos to prevent duplicate registrations and more efficiently manage the distribution and tracking of individuals and their respective motor vehicles.

DriverTrack™ allows governments and businesses to access shared driver data from a central location, offering the unique ability to seamlessly provide user interfaces that:

  • Collect and register driver information from PCs, smartphones or tablets
  • Print driver’s licenses and license plates on-demand
  • Provide fast and accurate field-based identification of both cars and their registered drivers
  • Leverage multi-modal biometrics for fast and secure driver identification



  • Identification (one-to-many) and verification (one-to-one) modes
  • Fast driver and car registration and identity tracking
  • Dynamic, on-demand customization to match unique project needs
  • Web-based rich client interface
  • Adding, editing, modifying, searching, and identifying licensed driver demographic data
  • User-friendly, interactive, dynamic and user-specific dashboard with a variety of analytics
  • Activity/Log management
  • Easy-to-use reporting module to create, edit, and generate different types of reports
  • Role-based user management and access privileges for both the user interface and driver license and registration record storage
  • Log and monitor user activity
  • Multimodal biometrics supported (fingerprint, vascular, facial, iris)
  • Biometric device management
  • Multilingual support for any Unicode-supported language
  • Capability to interface with any third-party software


  • Reduce operational challenges
  • Ensure driver accountability for their leased/rented/assigned vehicles
  • Create centralized, cloud-based driver profile repository for shared access by government agencies and business owners
  • Allow law enforcement agencies to identify or enroll new drivers when needed
  • Driver encounter management module for law enforcement & traffic police
  • Cloud-based solution can be accessed from any location and reduces cost of deployment
  • Localize the solution with multi-lingual support
  • Multi-modal biometric option ensures accurate identification
  • Encrypted communication establishes secured communication with host/server
  • Android and iOS mobile app extends solution reach and lowers cost
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