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Enterprise Password Management and Network Security Software with Seamless Interface to Active Directory


Enterprise Biometrics Suite™ is a biometric Single Sign –On solution which relieves the burden of password management while providing a more convenient mechanism for users to access their computer or to the network. The solution seamlessly interfaces with Active Directory, enabling IT personnel to quickly and easily administrate biometric information.




Enterprise Biometrics Suite™ benefits companies of all sizes by:

  • Providing an air-tight mechanism to authenticate users gaining access to network resources
  • Reducing IT support costs associated with password management and help desk overhead
  • Minimize the risk and cost of enterprise data theft from users inside the firewall
  • Supporting regulatory compliance (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.) with improved security
  • Leveraging existing network infrastructure for faster deployment
  • Enabling users to encrypt sensitive files stored on the desktop so they can only be opened after the biometric scan of an authorized user.
  • Allowing users to quickly lock and unlock their computers with a single biometric scan
  • Multiple Biometric Option (fingerprint, finger vein & palm vein) as per need


  • Secure Single Sign-On and Enterprise Class Password Management including support for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Browsers (Firefox)
  • Multi-device and multi-factor authentication
  • File and folder encryption
  • Encrypted file sharing
  • Secure E-mail, VPN, and certificate access
  • Supports Windows XP, Server, 2003, and Vista
  • Windows XP fast user switching
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Simple installation program
  • Simple method to import existing passwords
  • Works with Enterprise Edition
  • Integrated license management to simplify the procedure of auditing and tracking
  • Standard Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for managing user accounts and settings
  • Choice of centralized or remote enrollment for user authentication devices (e.g. fingerprint or smart card enrollment)
  • Support for multi-device and multi-factor authentication including biometrics, smart cards, TPM support, and hardware tokens
  • Encrypted file sharing in the enterprise. Allows encryption keys for each user to be stored in the Active Directory allowing any user in the domain to securely share encrypted data with other users without key management or transfer.
  • Enterprise level event logging to produce an audit trail of user operations to help comply with regulations like HIPAA
  • Multi-language support

Enterprise Edition of Enterprise Biometrics Suite (EBS)

A cost-effective, server-based back-end that offers enterprise-wide identity and password management as well as data protection that is easily deployed and easily managed by your IT department.

  • Scalable Authentication Framework
  • Centralized or Remote User Enrollment
  • Wide Platform Support
Retail Edition of Enterprise Biometrics Suite (EBS)

A Windows-based application for password management and data security.

  • Secure Windows Logon
  • Enterprise Class Password Management
  • File and Folder Encryption
  • Secure E-mail/VPN/Certificates

Technical Specifications

  Server Client
Hard Disk 64 MB HDD Space Minimum
OS Windows 2003 Server “Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Memory/RAM 128 MB minimum
CPU 120 MHz Pentium (or equivalent) minimum




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