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Bio-Hyperserver™: High-Speed Biometric Matching

Superscalar, One-To-Many Multi-Biometric Matching Server for Large-Scale Identification and De-Duplication

Bio-Hyperserver™ is a fast biometric identification system capable of matching at least 100 million fingerprints per second in a single server. Bio-Hyperserver™ is a high-performance, superscalar, one-to-many multi-biometric identification system. It includes our hyper-threaded biometric identification software for exceptionally fast matching speeds. The multi-modal system supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris and facial biometrics.

 Using standard off-the-shelf (OTS) server hardware, this system can match 100 million fingerprints/sec, 30 million iris templates/sec, 50 million face templates/sec, and 750,000 finger vein templates/sec for large-scale deployments such as:

  • Patient identification across health care networks
  • Student identification across school districts
  • Inmate identification within detention centers
  • Customer identification for banking institutions
  • Membership management and government biometric deduplicaiton projects such as voting, passport issuance, and national ID.

Bio-Hyperserver™ can also de-duplicate 15 million fingerprints in less than 48 hours. The architecture can also be easily scaled by clustering server nodes.


  • Match 100 million fingerprints/sec and de-duplicate 15 million prints in under 48 hrs.
  • Server nodes can be clustered for unlimited scalability
  • Utilize fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris and facial recognition
  • Appliance includes high-performance, 64-core HP server
  • Adopt system in less than 24 hours
  • All templates protected using AES 128-bit encryption




Bio-Hyperserver™ uses official HP hardware when provided as an applicance.

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