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Main Attributes

√ Access corridor controlled by hidden panels.

√ Suitable for the access surveillance of people entering into offices, sport facilities, leisure areas, etc.

√ An elegant module supports the glass panels as well as the control photocells.

√ Maximum anti-blocking security for persons.

√ Maximum antifraud control by movement supervision.

√ Adaptable to other security systems or access controls already installed..

√ Adaptable to any architectonic project.

√ Personalized in finishing materials of the top lid and colors.

√ Wide range of accessories available.



  • Access to public and corporate buildings.
  • Zone separation in hotels (gyms, spas).
  • Zone separation in industrial buildings or offices.


Technical Specifications

  • Possible integration to any validation or identification system.
  • Adjustable panel opening and closing speed.
  • Two different glass panel heights (1.040 and 1.700 mm).
  • Standard opening width or special PMR for people with reduced mobility.
  • Pass length of only 900mm, the shortest in the market.
  • Integrated anti-panic system.
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